This summary provides an overview of an official article published by the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, highlights the impactful initiative known as Help Me Grow Fox Valley and the ongoing evolution of this service for familise. For a complete read of the original article, click here.

Help Me Grow-Fox Valley, initiated with a vision to improve kindergarten readiness, has become a vital resource for families seeking to provide their children with a strong start in life. Here are the key points:

  • Foundation Support: The Oshkosh Area Community Foundation has invested over $275,000 in this initiative over five years, making it possible for the program to evolve and expand its reach.
  • Identifying Developmental Concerns: The program focuses on early screening of infants and toddlers to assess developmental milestones and detect any concerns at an early stage.
  • Centralized Access Point: Help Me Grow-Fox Valley serves as a centralized access point for families and service providers to connect. Families can reach out via phone, text, chat, or email to connect with family resource navigators who assist in linking them to appropriate resources.
  • Community-Based Support: The program goes beyond digital connections, with family resource navigators actively present at community-based offerings such as Play and Learn Groups and Parent Cafés.
  • Positive Impact: Testimonials from parents like Sara Windle underscore the significant impact of Help Me Grow-Fox Valley. Family resource navigators not only provide access to resources but also offer valuable support and guidance to parents.

Currently, a team of nine part-time family resource navigators, including those fluent in multiple languages, collaborate to assist families through this program. They are employed by various community partners, including Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin, the Early Intervention Birth to 3 Program, Children’s Wisconsin, and CAP Services.

This initiative exemplifies the power of community support in addressing the challenges families face in raising children, providing parents with the answers and resources they need to ensure their children’s physical, mental, social, and educational well-being. For more in-depth information, we encourage readers to explore the full article.