This blog post offers a recap of key highlights from a Green Bay Press-Gazette report that sheds light on how businesses in Wisconsin are addressing the pressing issue of child care needs for their employees. To read the full article and learn more about these efforts, click here.

Recognizing the importance of supporting working parents, the Green Bay Press-Gazette delves into how Wisconsin businesses are actively addressing the child care needs of their employees, emphasizing the significance of this support during the pandemic:

  • Employer-Provided Child Care: Several companies, including Camera Corner Connecting Point, have arranged for on-site or subsidized child care options, recognizing that this not only benefits working parents but also boosts employee productivity.
  • Flexible Work Policies: Employers like Thrivent and Werner Electric Supply have adopted flexible work hours and leave policies to accommodate employees’ child care responsibilities.
  • Cost-Assistance Programs: Thrivent introduced a program providing financial support for COVID-19-related expenses, including child care and school costs.
  • Community Learning Initiatives: Businesses like 212 Fitness established online learning academies to assist students with virtual schooling, providing a valuable resource for parents during school closures.
  • Future-Focused Investments: AriensCo stands out by investing in an on-site child care center, recognizing the importance of attracting and retaining talent through such initiatives.

In summary, this report highlights how businesses in Wisconsin are stepping up to support their employees’ child care needs, aligning with the broader effort to empower families and maintain a strong and productive workforce in challenging times.