Children are like a garden of blossoming flowers, each one with its own unique timeline for growth. Just as no two flowers bloom at the exact same moment, children too follow their own pace in the journey of development. This delightful variation is what adds a touch of charm to childhood. Yet, just like tending to a garden ensures vibrant blooms, guiding children through their developmental milestones ensures they’re on the right path towards a future filled with success and endless possibilities.

What Are Milestones?

The predictable ways in which children develop are referred to as developmental milestones. Milestones cover four areas of a child’s development — cognitive, communication and language, social and emotional, and motor. Milestones help you understand how your child learns and grows. Please select a child’s age or a specific area of development to learn more about milestones at certain ages.

From birth to 5 years, your child should reach universal milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act and move.  Not all children are the same- but they do move through stages of growth and development in a progression that is the same no matter where they live, what race they are or language they speak.  Development is a human reality and universal in nature. It is important to track your child’s progress through regular developmental screening.

What is Developmental Screening?

The ASQ Child Development Tool is a comprehensive assessment tool used to evaluate and measure a child’s developmental milestones and overall well-being. ASQ stands for “Ages and Stages Questionnaire,” and it’s designed to assist parents, caregivers, and professionals in understanding a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. This tool typically consists of a series of age-appropriate questionnaires or checklists that help identify any developmental delays or areas of concern in a child’s growth and development. The results can guide early intervention and support to ensure children receive the necessary resources and services to thrive and reach their full potential. First 5 Fox Valley provides access to this free screening and based on results, connects families to resources and care through the Help Me Grow Centralized Access Point. There are no specific entry criteria for families seeking support, and every family is encouraged to participate, regardless of eligibility requirements. We warmly welcome all children and families without any participation restrictions.

At First 5 Fox Valley our Help Me Grow program offers free ASQ developmental screenings to track progress and give your referrals and resources when concerns arise. Early identification and intervention is key to supporting children’s optimal healthy development.