At First 5 Fox Valley, our unwavering commitment is to improve the well-being of families and children within our community through a diverse array of services. While we cater to a wide range of individuals and groups, our mission goes beyond these distinctions, as we strive to make a positive impact on every member of our community.

Ways We Can Support You:

Parents and Caregivers

• Monitoring your child’s development through the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), offering both general and social-emotional development screenings.

• Providing expert responses to your pregnancy and parenting inquiries, addressing everyday concerns as well as challenging situations with well-researched, credible information.

• Assisting you in locating the appropriate resources for you and your family.

• Conducting follow-ups to ensure the effectiveness of the resources provided. If they do not meet your needs, we are eager to explore alternative options.

• Facilitating open communication, with your consent, with other healthcare providers collaborating with your family to ensure seamless care coordination.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on playgroups, developmental milestones, or preparing your child for school, we are here to assist you. Get started by calling us at (920) 422-5342 (KIDS).

Healthcare and Early Childhood Service Providers

• Conducting developmental screenings for young children and sharing the results with families when consent is given.

• Coordinating informational and community resources for your patients and their families.

• Partnering with you to enhance service quality.

• Offering tailored presentations on Help Me Grow Fox Valley for your team or administrators. Our trainings can be customized to fit your available time. To schedule your presentation, please email today.

• Streamlining referrals for children/patients. Help Me Grow Fox Valley will initiate contact with the referred family, facilitate screenings, and provide referral services with authorized information transfer between you and Help Me Grow Fox Valley. You can initiate a referral by completing our online form with your client, or families may self-refer by calling (920) 422-5342 (KIDS).


Cultivate communities that empower and support every family to build a solid foundation for children in their first five years.


All children in the Fox Valley region are safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential with access to information and resources that help them grow and thrive.


Support and strengthen early childhood efforts in the state, region and local communities to strengthen families and assure equitable access to culturally relevant resources that parents want and need.

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