Advocacy in Action

Leading Advocacy Efforts

First 5 Fox Valley takes a leadership role in advocating for policies, programs, and funding systems that directly support families with children aged 0-5. Our advocacy efforts encompass a range of critical actions, including:

First 5 Fox Valley has earned a prominent reputation as an expert in early childhood development, recognized across local, state, and national platforms. Media outlets and organizations regularly seek our insights on early child development. Our track record of delivering results also makes us a valuable partner in advocacy initiatives.

First 5 Fox Valley allocates financial resources strategically to convene champions and allies who share our passion for family support. These resources help bring key stakeholders together to collectively drive positive change in the Fox Valley.

First 5 Fox Valley actively advocates for policies and regulations on a local, state, and national level that create a nurturing environment for families. This includes championing family-centric policies that promote early childhood development and well-being.

First 5 Fox Valley works tirelessly to support and enhance existing programs aimed at assisting families with young children. Our commitment extends to identifying gaps in services and recommending improvements to ensure families receive the best possible support.

First 5 Fox Valley plays a pivotal role in coordinating systems that impact families, ensuring that services and resources are streamlined and accessible. By providing alignment, engagement, and collaboration across all sectors, we aim to identify gaps in services and allocate community resources where they are needed most.

Advocacy Actions:


Childcare and Caregiving: Governor Evers’ Wisconsin Plan

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Wisconsin Secures $30 Million Federal Grant for Early Care and Education

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How Companies Address Child Care Challenges

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