Together For Families: The Fox Valley Family Resource Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone parenting a child is embraced at a Family Resource Center. An FRC is a community hub where families can go to get connected, get support, and become leaders in our community.

FRCs are deeply rooted in developing protective factors so families remain strong in the face of adversity. [1] To do so, FRCs provide parenting classes, playgroups, resource navigation and referral, a year-round play area, support groups, developmental screenings, parent leadership development, and other services that flexibly respond to the needs of the community.

FRCs also allow family-serving organizations that currently work in silos to be side by side in one physical location. At an FRC, organizations can easily collaborate to develop dynamic solutions that improve outcomes for our entire community.

[1] Protective factors for families include parental resilience, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development, concrete support in times of need, and social emotional competence of children. Learn More Here

Family Resource Centers are a community’s first safety net for supporting and strengthening families when they face a transition, crisis, or question about parenting. Research indicates that FRCs have a $4.93 social return on investment for every dollar invested. Families supported by FRCs show gains in economic self-sufficiency, health, social support, family functioning, child nurturing, and healthy attachment. Children also show improved academic success. [1]

Wisconsin has about 30 Family Resource Centers including ones in Green Bay and Fond du Lac, but the Fox Valley lacks this essential resource. When service providers and community members conferred in 2020 and 2021 to discuss solutions to the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on families, the idea of bringing a FRC to our community quickly took hold.

[1] National Family Support Network. What is a Family Resource Center?

F5FV is an early childhood collaborative organization that partners with dozens of entities in our community to ensure all children in the Fox Valley are safe, healthy, and able to reach their full potential. As a backbone organization that successfully launched several initiatives benefiting Fox Valley families, F5FV is lending its community connections and systems-building knowledge to launch the Together For Families FRC.