Centralized Access Point

The First 5 Fox Valley Centralized Access Point takes the form of a call center and web-based services that is supported by a Family Resource Navigator. A “real” person will actually answer your call, and provide the listening ear and warm support needed to link families to communities resources. Help Me Grow (HMG) Fox Valley serves as the “go-to” place for family members, child health care providers, and other professionals seeking information, support, and referrals for children.

The Centralized Access Point connects children and their families to services they need through the efforts of HMG Family Navigators, Centralized Access Point staff who work to provide education and support to families around specific developmental or behavioral concerns or questions, help families recognize typical developmental milestones, provide referrals to community-based supports, empower families overcome barriers to services, and follow up with them to make sure linkages are successful.


Why Call Help Me Grow?

Call if you are:
  • Wondering about your child’s development, behavior or learning
  • Needing support to access services
  • Assisting a client, family member or friend seek information about developmental services
  • Requesting to have your organization included in the developmental services database used for referrals
The Help Me Grow Team will:
  • Listen to your concerns to help you decide which referrals are right for the needs of your family
  • Find services that are appropriate and available for referrals
  • Connect you and your child to services
  • Follow up to find out if you were connected to a service

Funded Activity:

Purchase the Help Me Grow Database, State affiliation with Help Me Grow National, Staffed the Centralized Access Point with the 1st Community Navigator.