Data and Analysis

How do we know HMG is making a difference? HMG Impact Indicators tell an important story about the reach and impact of HMG on communities, families, and children across the HMG network. HMG as a system is designed to reach families both within and outside of the centralized access point, child health providers, and community partners. The Impact Indicators that HMG affiliates collect and report to National on an annual basis describe the spread and scale of their efforts in reaching key stakeholders. Community data is critical to understanding where the gaps in services are and what providers might overlap critical resources. The HMG database provides community data for the first-time, and coordinates data collection from multiple sources within the Fox Valley region and can provide a realistic picture about how children are doing. The HMG system is an evidence-based model that can provide local, state and comparative national data. Being the Wisconsin affiliate provides fidelity support through the HMG National Center. First 5 Fox Valley is the hub for collecting ASQ3 screening data for the tri-county region and looks to expand partnerships with community-based health providers.