How do we know HMG is making a difference?

 Help Me Grow (HMG) collects Impact Indicators which convey a significant narrative about the far-reaching and profound effects of HMG on communities, families, and children within our network. Our system is purposefully designed to engage families, encompassing both the centralized access point, child health providers, and community partners. These Impact Indicators, reported annually by HMG affiliates to the National, vividly depict the breadth and magnitude of their endeavors in engaging key stakeholders.

First 5 Fox Valley collects Impact Indicators (reported data) and Common Indicators (collected, but not reported) to measure for results and growth. Those indicators include:

At for First 5 Fox Valley, we take great pride in serving as the central hub for the collection of ASQ3 screening data in the tri-county region. Our dedication extends to actively forging stronger partnerships with community-based health providers, fostering collaborations that benefit the well-being of children and families in our community. Your support holds immense significance for us as we work together to create a lasting, positive impact. We are genuinely excited to continue this journey of growth and improvement, fueled by our shared commitment to making a difference.

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4,102 Families

The Help Me Grow Fox Valley affiliate serves 4,102 active families.

29 States

The Help Me Grow initiative operates in 29 states across the United States.

5,725 children

The Help Me Grow Fox Valley affiliate serves 5,725 children.

142 Affiliates

The Help Me Grow initiative includes 142 affiliate systems across the United States.