Help Me Grow (HMG) is a system model that works to promote cross-sector collaboration in order to build efficient and effective early childhood systems that mitigate the impact of adversity and support protective factors among families, so that all children can grow, develop, and thrive to their full potential. 

First 5 Fox Valley is the Wisconsin state affiliate and replicates the HMG National Center evidence-based model with a call-in center, Family Resource Navigator supporting families and expanded developmental screening and assessments.

A Better Future for all Children Begins with Help Me Grow

Components of the Help Me Grow system

Making the Connection. Help Me Grow Family Navigators provide intake, triage, referral & connection to developmental services and community resources.

Building the Network. First 5 Fox Valley develops ongoing relationships with programs in the community and supports the maintenance of an updated resource directory. The Help Me Grow Advisory Council provides continuous quality improvement to assure the system is equitable and accessible to all families.

Educating Providers. Educating professionals about the importance of developmental surveillance and screening while promoting access to developmental services through Help Me Grow is critical to community support.

Identifying Gaps and Barriers. Data is collected and analyzed to document and identify needs to more effectively connect families to community resources.

Providing opportunities for developmental screening. Developmental screening and monitoring is available by calling the Help Me Grow line 1.920.5437 (1-920-kids). Parents and caregivers will be provided with information and connected to developmental screening opportunities in the community.

Why Call Help Me Grow?

Call if you are:
  • Wondering about your child’s development, behavior or learning
  • Needing support to access services
  • Assisting a client, family member or friend seek information about developmental services
  • Requesting to have your organization included in the developmental services database used for referrals
The Help Me Grow Team will:
  • Listen to your concerns to help you decide which referrals are right for the needs of your family
  • Find services that are appropriate and available for referrals
  • Connect you and your child to services
  • Follow up to find out if you were connected to a service

Advancing developmental promotion, early detection and linkages to services.


Centralized Access Point

A Centralized Access Point assists families and professionals in connecting children to the grid of community resources that help them thrive.

Family & Community Outreach

Family & Community Outreach builds parent and provider understanding of healthy child development, supportive services available to families in the community, and how both are important to improving children’s outcomes.

Child Health Care Provider Outreach

When potential concerns are spotted early on, they can be easier to address. Child Health Care Provider Outreach supports early detection and intervention efforts and connects medical providers to the grid of community resources to best support families.

Data Collection & Analysis

To make sure the resource grid is working effectively, Data Collection & Analysis supports evaluation, helps identify systemic gaps, bolsters advocacy efforts, and guides quality improvement.

Why Help Me Grow Matters

Experts agree: Early detection and connection to services lead to the best outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral challenges.

Early detection is critical for the 12 to 16 percent of all American children who experience developmental or behavioral problems. Families and providers need support in navigating the complex array of community-based services and supports available to promote children’s optimal health and wellness.